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Voices Project Themes

This resource will help you to think about how everyone can belong at school. The purpose of the Voices Project Themes resource is to start conversations about some of the key issues for young disabled people in New Zealand schools. These conversations can be amongst educators, families and students.

A teaching unit Belonging at School that includes a number of teaching ideas linked to the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) to support students belonging connects to this work.

This resources focuses on the six key themes the young people raise in their films. Quotes and links to the films are used to help us listen and connect with the voices and school experiences of the disabled people in this project.  The Voices Project Themes resource can also be incorporated into the teaching unit plan. All the resources can be used independently or in combination by adults, children and young people.

Resource Content Outline

Reflective questions linked to the films focusing on developing more inclusive ways of thinking, and working together.

Recommended readings, resources and templates for professional development and/or classroom related to each theme are included.

Themes identified by the young people

Follow the Links to each theme below.