IEAG advocates for long term social change in the education system. We promote knowledge, attitudes, policies, and practices that facilitate inclusive education so all young people, including disabled young people, have equal opportunities to learn, belong, and flourish in their local, regular, educational settings.

IEAG works to help ensure families are informed and understand their children’s education rights and are supported and empowered to access the supports and accommodations they need to thrive at school. To learn all children and young people, need a sense of belonging and acceptance in school and to be supported to learn in a way that suits them. This is particularly so for disabled students. To be able to support disabled students their parents and whanau need an understanding of their child’s education rights and entitlements, how to access these, how to raise concerns and access to advocacy support.

If you need support to resolve an education issue for yourself or your child, we help. We will listen, provide information on your education rights and entitlements, and maybe able to provide you with individual advocacy support if this needed or refer you to organisations that provide specific advocacy services. Please contact us here and we'll respond as soon as possible.