IEAG has developed the following resources to help Early Childhood Educators, Primary and Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions understand and develop inclusion in their own contexts.


FAQs on Schooling for Disabled Children and Young People - Developed in response to frequently asked questions at the workshops that IEAG delivers. This 8 page booklet provides comprehensive answers to these questions as well as providing links and references. A good introduction for those wanting to understand inclusive education, and how and why disabled children should be included in regular education.

Supporting your School to be Inclusive

Guidelines for School Boards of Trustees and others interested in ensuring that schools are inclusive of ALL students. A series of questions will assist school boards to focus on creating and developing an inclusive attitude and culture in their school, through their charters, policies, curriculum and practice.

Recommended Websites

This one-page document lists a host of really useful websites and links from New Zealand and internationally.

A Prick in the Minister's Side

An IEAG presentation to the Disibility Studies Conference in November 2011. It documents the founding of IEAG, what we stand for, what we do and why we do it.