Our Submissions

IEAG is aiming to change minds, policy and practise so that authentic inclusion can occur. We are working to end discrimination by advocating, at all levels, for systemic change in education policy and practise.

Workshops – Inclusive Education Seminars

These free one-day seminars are for school leaders, parents, and others interested in developing schools that include, value and teach all students well. Based on Dr Jude MacArthur's research into disabled students' school experiences, the seminar will develop participants understanding of inclusive education and work on ideas that can be put into practice.

Thanks to the support of the IHC Foundation these seminars to be held around the country. These seminars will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from Dr Jude MacArthur and Dr Gill Rutherford, leaders in the field of inclusive education and to meet and collaborate with teachers, parents and others interested in inclusive practice in your area.


Journals provide the most current form of research and thought on a subject area they contain peer-reviewed articles written by experts in a subject area. Research can also be sourced from conference proceedings which often show recent research and developments.

Media Releases

IEAG's comments on issues in the media can be found here.