Journals provide the most current form of research and thought on a subject area, and contain peer-reviewed articles written by experts in a subject area. Research can also be sourced from conference proceedings, in which the findings of recent studies are shared.

To find conference proceedings or articles in Journals, you can search a database or catalogue at a Library using key words and subjects, or you can search a specific journal or magazine.

Most well known journals are available electronically. Of these only some are free to access, however you can usually search for articles online and then request them from a Library.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE)

CSIE is the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education. It is an independent centre working in the UK and overseas to promote inclusion and end segregation. It is funded by donations from trusts, foundations and grants.

The Electronic Journal of Inclusive Education (US)

Free – open access.

International Journal of Inclusive Education (INTERNATIONAL)

Subscriber only but you can contact the IHC Library at [email protected] if you would like to obtain copies of articles from this journal.