Inclusive Education Seminars

Inclusive Education Seminars on now!

These free one-day seminars are for school leaders, teachers, parents, and others interested in developing schools that include, value and teach all students well. Based on Dr Jude MacArthur's research into disabled students' school experiences, the seminar will develop participants' understanding of inclusive education and work on ideas that can be put into practice.

Thanks to the support of the IHC Foundation, the seminars will be held around the country. These seminars will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from Dr Jude MacArthur and Dr Gill Rutherford, leaders in the field of inclusive education and to meet and collaborate with teachers, parents and others interested in inclusive practice in your area.

Save the Date! 8 June 2016

The Conference Room, Level 2, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 30 The Octagon, Dunedin, New Zealand

Inclusive Education Action Group - Creating Inclusive Schools and Communities

What is the seminar about?

It takes a ‘student perspective’ to highlight some of the issues students have raised about their learning and social experiences at school. The seminar is based on the understanding that inclusive education is about ensuring all students develop a positive identity and sense of belonging, participate fully and are taught well.

The seminar aims to develop participants’ thinking about how schools can respond to diversity through;

  • Examples from research with students, parents, teacher aids.
  • Small groups work using scenarios about students’ learning and social experiences.
  • Small group work focused on issues relevant to participants’ own schools.
  • A DVD on inclusive education.
  • Work undertaken by student teachers on inclusive practice.

What will participants take away from the seminar?

Participants will leave the seminar with;

  • An understanding about what inclusive education is and what it looks like in practice.
  • Ideas for developing inclusive practice in their own school, including one particular idea to be implemented following the seminar.
  • A copy of the DVD learning Better Together and a resource folder that includes useful articles and information about inclusive education.

The Presenters

Dr Jude MacArthur
Jude is a senior lecturer at Massey University and is part of the team working on the Postgraduate Diploma for Specialist Teaching. A former primary teacher, she has also worked as a lecturer in Education at the University of Otago teaching in the area of inclusive education. In 2000 she moved to the Donald Beasley Institute in Dunedin where she led national research projects on education and disability, including projects for the Ministry of Education. Jude’s research interests have evolved out of her work with children, young people and adults with disabilities, and include the school experiences of students with disabilities; students’ rights, friendship and social relationships; and the development of school as inclusive communities.

Dr Gill Rutherford
Gill is a senior lecturer in Education and Disability Studies at the University of Otago. She has had the privilege of knowing and working with disabled children and adults over the last thirty years. A former high school teacher, her work as a tertiary educator since 1995 has focused in inclusive education within teacher and teacher aide education programmes. In 2008 she completed her PhD, Different ways of knowing? Understanding disabled students’ and teacher aides’ school experiences with a context of relational social justice.


to Danette Wilson by Wednesday 1 June 2016, to [email protected] or 021 244 2697

The full research report and the DVD related to these workshops can be viewed on the IHC website