Media Releases

(IEAG) is asking the Ministry of Education to take a stronger role around disabled children’s rights and wellbeing in Residential Special Schools - 10 September 2021

Children not to blame for school system failures, says Inclusive Education Action Group in response to the Principals’ Federation - 22 March 2021

Children's Commissioner and NZSTA - media release.

Children and Young People Share their Experiences at School - JAN 2018


IEAG calls for eradication of seclusion in schools - Oct 2016


Greens' inclusive education policy 'a step forward'

10 September 2014

The Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) welcomes the Greens’ commitment to base New Zealand’s education system on the principles of inclusion and the provision of need.
Responding to the Greens’ election policy ‘Every child thriving: Education for every child’, IEAG Co-convenor Bernadette Macartney says “It is refreshing to read a policy that acknowledges disabled people’s right to an inclusive education and that the current special education system requires an extensive overhaul for this to be realised.” Read more

IEAG opposes the introduction of Charter Schools

25 Feb 2013

“We are deeply concerned at the National Government’s push to introduce charter schools through these proposed changes to the Education Act. Charter schools are likely to result in discrimination against disabled students.” IEAG Co-Conveners Mr Ian Armstrong and Dr Macartney pointed to evidence from countries where charter schools have been implemented that shows charter schools have a poor record of including disabled students. 

Salisbury Case a step backwards

19 Dec 2012

“Maintaining segregated schooling is a step backwards for inclusive education and the rights of disabled people,” says Dr Bernadette Macartney, co-convenor of the Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG), in response to Justice Dobson’s decision that closing Salisbury Residential School is unlawful.

Closing Residential Special Schools makes sense

19 June 2012

“The Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) supports the Ministry of Education’s proposal to close the four remaining Residential Special Schools and to focus attention on building a new “wrap-around” service for children and young people with complex needs in the community”, says Ian Armstrong, co-convenor of IEAG. Read More

Charter Schools could discriminate against disabled students

9 Dec 2011

The Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) is deeply concerned at the National Government’s proposal to introduce charter schools, as such a move is likely to result in discrimination against disabled students.

Auckland Grammar's decision to dump NCEA

18 Jan 2011

The decision by Auckland Grammar School to replace NCEA at year 11 with the Cambridge system for most of its students is elitist and will fail to meet the needs of many students, according to the Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG).

Special Education Review does not go far enough

20 Oct 2010

The Inclusive Education Action group (IEAG) is pleased to see the Special Education Review’s vision for “a fully inclusive education system” in New Zealand, although it awaits the details of the full report to ensure that the Ministry of Education has the policies, structures and supports in place that schools need as they work towards inclusion.

ERO Report on including students with high needs

26 July 2010

The Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) welcomes ERO’s report “Including Students with High Needs” which confirms what many parents, teachers, researchers and disability advocates know about disabled students’ experiences at school.