Notice of the 2019 Inclusive Education Action Group
(IEAG) Annual General Meeting




Notice of the 2019

Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) Annual General Meeting

Date: Friday 28th June 2019

Time: 5.30pm – 6.00pm

Venue: Connelly Hall, 10 Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington 6011

The business of the meeting is to:

  • Present the annual report and the financial accounts.
  • Appointment of an auditor.

Member participation

Members are invited to attend. There will be opportunities to ask questions or comment on IEAG's activities and the direction for the coming year. Members may participate in the AGM in either of two ways:

1. Attendance at the AGM in Wellington.

2. Email or Post in a signed proxy vote on the attached form.


Please email Imelda Coleman at [email protected]

RSVPs; please let us know if you are planning to attend the AGM.

If you intend to ask a question at the meeting; we encourage you to email us with the proposed question so that it can do some background research and provide a full answer.  


26 June

Deadline for postal & emailed proxy votes (Proxy votes can also be presented at the AGM).

28 June

Annual General Meeting.

Nominating a proxy

If you are a member and are unable to attend the AGM you may wish to appoint another member who will be in attendance, or the Chairperson as your proxy.

If you wish to do so, please complete the Proxy Form below for the 2019 IEAG Annual General Meeting. The Proxy Form is also available on the IEAG website

It must reach IEAG before 7pm, Wednesday 26th June 2019. Please email to [email protected] or post to PO BOX 13 614 Johnsonville 6440.

IEAG AGM 28th June  2019
Proxy Voting Form

  • ·      Any member of IEAG who is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting may appoint a proxy-holder to vote on his/her behalf, either as instructed or as the proxy-holder sees fit.
  • ·      To appoint a proxy-holder, a member must complete and sign the form below.
  • ·      The person appointed as proxy-holder must be a member of IEAG. A member may appoint the meeting Chairperson as proxy-holder.
  • ·      The proxy form should be mailed to: [email protected] or PO Box 13 614 Johnsonville 6440 & received no later than 7pm Wednesday 26thJune 2018.

To appoint a proxy-holder, please complete the following details:

I (your name)                                                                                                                    

Of (address)                                                                                                                     


being a member of IEAG, hereby appoint:

  • The Chairperson, OR
  • (name)                                                                                             

       of (address)                                            



as my proxy-holder to vote on my behalf at the IEAG Annual General Meeting to be held on the 26th June 2019 in Wellington.

  • My proxy-holder may vote as he/she deems appropriate, OR
  • I instruct my proxy-holder to vote as follows: (please give specific instructions)








Signature:                                                                Date: